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A flood of generated content, declining publisher revenue – from papers to social platforms – and a shift to a privacy-first internet: just some of the changes Overtone sees as fundamental reasons to rethink how value is measured online.

Overtone is about connecting the newsroom and the boardroom, writers and readers. This will lead to more sustainable journalism businesses, and ultimately an internet that’s made for humans, not machines.


After spending a decade as a journalist working from Moscow to New York to Brussels, Christopher realized that the systems distributing and monetizing information online need drastic change. He is a former GNI fellow in misinformation and was EIC of Deepnews.ai. 


Philip has held varied positions across consulting, start-ups, enterprise, SME and academia. The thread running throughout has been the search for fundamentally more effective communication between people, a professional interest that has grown over the past 15 years.


Reagan Nunnally has spent her career helping monetize media, from broadcast networks to more than a decade at Google. Her experience in advertising helped her realize that a focus on vanity metrics plagues parts of that industry as well as the wider media ecosystem.

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