How do you find the content that really resonates?

AI for Human Understanding of News

Our platform “reads” articles like an expert journalist or analyst would. No vanity metrics like clicks or shares, only things that make sense to human beings. Overtone delivers insight on content that is quick, transparent, and unbiased.

Anyone (or anything) who interacts with news, from reporters to PR agencies, to AdTech platforms and other algorithms, can use our data to use content more efficiently and effectively. This is qualitative data, showing the why behind the what, where, who and when.

Let your audience teams distribute more effectively and your business teams showcase the value of your work to the outside world like advertisers and funders.

Get better results from inventory that is quality. Be safe with more sophisticated brand safety solutions and smart with targeting for real resonance with readers.

Use “human” AI to read thousands of articles in the blink of an eye. Show the impact of your work at scale with instant media analysis.

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