Imagine a world in which ‘misinformation’, ‘disinformation’ and just plain garbage information are a non-issue. This would mean less chaos, less human harm (there would be no real incentive to telling you Covid was a hoax, for example), more stable governance, and a cohesive, open society based on a shared understanding of facts, where explorations of differences create a vibrant public sphere.

We want to move the world towards that future by using advances in technology to empower people with the tools they need to build better discourse. Products like our quality and substantiveness assessment allow them to experience the internet a different way. We want you to explore different ways of reading and understanding the news. We want you to make your own decisions. That is the opportunity we think you deserve. 

What’s next?

Quality and substantiveness are a good start, though there is much more to know about what is being written out there. Further technological development will lead to more fine-grained insights to sort through the internet. 

This can work – but the solution has to work for everyone. We can’t succeed if only a lucky minority sees the full picture. Rather, we need to make tools available to everyone. Our tools will also be adapted to different teams and individuals, with more personalisation helping to increase understanding as everyone uses content in the language and tone that fits them best.


Where does that take us?

Ultimately, this is a journey that goes way, way beyond text based news content. This is about the way in which human beings communicate – about any topic, at any length, using any medium, and with anybody. 

Our vision is to ensure everybody can communicate – clearly, effectively, civilly and fairly – with anyone else.