Why is quality important?

There are qualitative differences between articles that the power of artificial intelligence can help us find instantly

What does a “5-star article” mean?

Overtone scores articles based on the text itself, not the prestige of the outlet or author that published it. Our algorithm has been trained to look for important parts of “journalistic quality” including original reporting, meaningful analysis and good sourcing. If you want more examples than are found here, sign up for our newsletter!

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5-star articles ★★★★★

Reporting based on interviews and documents

How wealthy homeowners are endangering Hawaii’s beaches – Honoulu Star Advertiser

In-depth analysis on multiple angles

COVID-19 Has Changed Science Forever – The Atlantic

From outlets you may or may not be reading

The Epidemic of Teacher Burnout – The Walrus

4-star articles ★★★★

Slightly less in-depth features with solid reporting

The Political Journey of a Young Activist in Thailand’s Democracy Struggle – TIME

Journalists putting in work

How NYC Small Businesses Got Short Shrift on PPP Loans – The City NYC

Articles that receive lower scores are often not “bad” articles but simply don’t contain the amount of information or reporting that higher-scoring articles do. They can provide good, truthful coverage of something, but don’t add a lot more. Many articles receive a 3, 2 or 1.

3-star articles ★★★

Adds some context 

Covering a news conference

Moline police charge Ohio woman in 1992 death – Cedar Rapids Gazette

2-star articles ★★

Short write-ups

Fire destroys three sheds in Escondido – San Diego Union Tribune


Fauci insists there’s no need to cancel Christmas during pandemic – NY Post


1-star articles ★

Stories based only on social media posts

What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s 2020 Christmas Card Reveals – Newsweek


Articles that aren’t news

Don’t bin the giblets: they are the home cook’s secret weapon – The Guardian